We are Shrushti Hitech Company from India

Exporter of Agricultural Products

From India, good quality and good service is our main business; our company has been manufacturer, supplier and exporting various agro products. We would be honored to Make a business deal with your company.

True to the line of Agricultural sector, which is the backbone in the progress of any nation Shrushti Hitech exports, has also helped in the progress of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables trade. The company is actively engaged in the Trade and export of the fresh Fruits and vegetable.

Price and Quality Standards

Shrushti Hitech, which is named among the giant Indian Banana, Mango, Grapes and Indian Pomegranate suppliers, has received special certification for its quality.

They have been honored with the membership of "Federation of Indian Export Organizations" [FIEO], which proves the quality of their supplies. Experts here keep a careful watch on the market to mark the prices offered by fresh Pomegranate, Banana, Mango, Grapes suppliers or fresh Onion, Potato suppliers and keep their price affordable as well as competitive.

Our Export Products

Fresh Onion & Potato Supply

Shrushti Hitech is as one of the leading fresh Onion & Potato exporters, they know the techniques for keeping fresh for a longer period. Not just that, to keep up their reputation as one of the Indian Onion/ Potato suppliers. To remain ahead of the other fresh Onion & Potato suppliers and exporters, they have kept their prices competitive.


Fresh Pomegranate and Banana Supply

We are also known as one of the leader in fresh fruit exporters. Experts working here are constantly researching on new methods to direct supply Farm Fresh fruits in a better way, so that they can stay a leap ahead than other fresh Pomegranate exporters or fresh Banana exporters in the market. They offer a wide variety of Bananas, which make them stand apart from many other Indian Banana suppliers or fresh Banana suppliers, who sell only one or two variants of this fruit.


Mango and Grapes Supply

As a leading Indian Mango suppliers and Indian Grapes suppliers, they are always careful about the quality of the fruits. Being a major fresh Mango exporters or fresh Mango suppliers, they know how to handle different variants of this fruit. They have unique methods for storing and packing each variant of Mango. To remain ahead of the other fresh Grapes suppliers or fresh Grapes exporters,